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Property Management

Property Management Specialists

We specialise specifically in Rooming and Shared accommodation with the overall knowledge, skill and experience that other agencies just don’t have. That means we won’t be side-tracked by sales goals, open houses, or vendor requests like other real estate firms where management is not their primary focus. We know what it costs to have a self-sufficient and sustainable real estate agency that only does property management. The management of your property within our business is our focus to ensure you are getting the most rent with the least amount of hassle and troubles. Not only that, but as specialists in this area, we know it requires a whole lot more detail and management than your standard everyday rental property to ensure your asset is maintained to a good standard. Our property managers take pride in the business to provide a higher level of service for our clients.

Marketing We tend to fill properties quicker than other agencies as we advertise on social media platforms and manage those enquiries. Many agencies will not do this and only rely on traditional advertising avenues. That is not to say that the traditional marketing avenues do not work, they certainly do in some markets however it is important to note that we like to market on all platforms at the same time for the best results. It is especially important to respond to those enquiries in a timely manner so that you are not missing out on potential tenants due to slow response times that potential tenants may experience elsewhere. We have Facebook Groups that were set up and managed by us. When we advertise on these “Properties for Rent” groups, it is direct marketing to people specifically seeking this kind of accommodation. At the time of writing, our Brisbane Facebook Group has 33,000 members alone.

Pre-Vacate Inspections Most agents will do Entry, Routine and Exit Inspections. On top of this, we also do “pre-vacate” inspections to ensure a smooth exit process with the property cleaned and ready to go for the new tenant to move in thereby minimising the vacancy period and more money in your pocket

Digital Reports Our reports such as the Lease Agreements, House Rules & Inspection Reports are all Paperless and can be provided in PDF format with photos. We go into high detail with these so that we have as much evidence as possible should anything arise with the tenancy. Many agencies still rely on hard copy paperwork and because of this, often their paperwork is not done which can put your insurance and assets at risk. You often do not know what your agent is not doing until you have problems or ask for copies of their paperwork. If you are looking to compare with other agents, ask what systems they use. We only use the best systems such as Property Me, 2Apply and Inspection Express as examples.

Walk Through Videos We often get many enquiries from people out of town who would like to view the property and apply for a property sight unseen. We always recommend people view first and we give them that ability by providing walk through videos so potential tenants know what they are getting, and they often apply shortly after seeing the videos we take. We prefer to do these videos when the property is fully furnished and staged.

REIQ Members As REIQ members, we get an unlimited level of support and advice from experts plus comprehensive updates to QLD legislation in this rapidly changing environment. You can be assured that our advice is up to date in line with the latest rules and regulations

We are Investors Our team at Start Small Property are all property investors and have been tenants as well and understand the complexity and understanding of both sides and points of view and manage your property how we expect our own properties to be managed

Maintenance For any maintenance requests on your property, it goes through our Job Booking System. This automatically sends you an email for your approval so you are aware of any work that may need to be done on your property and so we can make sure we see the Job through from start to finish. When it is an out of hours emergency maintenance request, our office will attempt to phone you directly to keep you apprised. *Note: If there is an urgent emergency repair requiring attention or it something that is a threat to the safety and security of your tenants, and we are unable to reach you, our office may need to decide, on a case-by-case basis, to proceed with rectification works to ensure the property is habitable, secure, and safe

No Kickbacks Many other agencies do not disclose that they “top-load” or get referral fees from their contractors which increases your ongoing costs. We have a policy of full transparency and do not get any referral fees or top load any of your costs.

Fixed Rate Fee Our fee is a fixed fee including Unlimited Social Media advertising, Letting, Lease Renewals and Administration so there are no hidden charges or any questions about “What is that for?”. We have found that other agents, while they charge a smaller base rate fee, by the time you include all the “add-ons”, you are looking at an overall rate similar to what we charge as a fixed fee. If most of the leases were 3-month leases with other agencies, then the overall rate would be much higher. We do offer both a base rate “plus plus” fee as well as offering clients our Fixed Rate Fee