Sean Sulistio


Sean is a savvy investor who has had wide-ranging experiences in several industries from the Australian Army to electrical engineering to real estate.

Sean’s success and reputation come from understanding what investors are looking for in a property management team, ensuring the numbers “stack up” and understanding the specific nuance required in managing Co-Living properties and other rentals.
Having discovered a gap in the market that not only just does property management, but one that specialises in Co-Living - Sean created Start Small Property.

Satisfied landlords continue to commend Sean for his in-depth knowledge of the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act as well as helping minimise the landlord’s maintenance expenses with detailed experience in costs and what trades should be reasonably charging for jobs while getting them done in a timely manner to keep tenants happy.

Outside the office, Sean enjoys a fulfilling family life with his wife May, friends and their much-loved poodle, Millie, as well as bushwalking, to restoring old V8s, DJing and overseeing personal renovation projects.