Electronic Door Locks

The SM series of door locks are perfect for any home that wants to bring their home to the 21st century with electronic door locks. With these locks you can use your phone, fingerprints, codes, keys and key cards to unlock the door. You can even remotely send one of your friends or family a remote code if you are not home and you want to let them inside. The handles also comply as emergency evacuation handles as well for fire safety purposes. You can also program them to be in passage mode if you do not want them to lock

SMart Door Lock TTLock App Key Card Password Lock for Co-Living Properties

Fingerprint version

Non-fingerprint version

Electronic Door Lock Gateway

Electronic Lock Boxes

Waterproof Key Safe with TTLOCK APP, Pin code, Fingerprint, RFID cards, Bluetooth, USB port, It comes with D Shackle to hang from door handle or car or can be screwed to side of house. IP65.

Door Filler Plates

These filler plates are very handy when you need to install or retrofit an electronic door handle in place where there was a door handle plus a deadlock or the door handle uses more than one hole in the door. The door filler plate can cover that hole and with a smooth polished steel finish, it often does not stand out of place in your door

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